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Coby Palivathukal founded Glorious Goats Animation in 2022 with the goal of telling unique stories using innovative technologies. Check out some of our animated projects below:

The Fridge (Web Series)

The Fridge is an existential web series that follows various food items as they seek to cope with suffering, mortality, and the challenging search for meaning. 

Ron Roach

Ron Roach is a short film about a young cockroach with a passion for dancing in a world where dancing has been deemed illegal. The film was rendered in real-time with Unity.

Paper Penguin

Paper Penguin tells the story of a penguin rapper attempting to speak out against climate change. The short film was created using Unreal Engine and motion capture. 

Work with Us

GGA is a great collaborator for your next project. We have collaborated with clients across animation and tech including:

Worked with ReelFX on animation for the Netflix series, Super Giant Robot Brothers.

Worked with TCL on viral web series: Ella's Magic Land and Juniper Tree.


Worked with GoldenLA on an animated Miller Lite Super Bowl commercial in 2022.


Worked with Glowstick on an NFT collection

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